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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 21, 2016 8:30am-9:30am MST

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t of pt there,oyees. shoul well in . >> dicrson you get theou well, id. logainompggain prsi policis, senarstoofhein be carn isti ine'sterruy a aentedy. i'gain a lot of really good ople. tay it's's nobo.t loo>> dico ruthat inase you ha tspecific a ygnpoise.el, i theknowof forcy,an itat se sid waslwayagnst ear i iraqloofeoe wn' thus g o tsandwan ce bauset ws a sti ha gre knoge o taryndnktterisryan lot
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geni sg toight tarwithyr mypini ty'reoiju tppo, goinostt wo w thov s theor thet ars. whetheerer 1 yes in the middl more than th t probably $4 tillion maybe than .'s tim dethgbout . d ito kck yoveo i o dmet sith t haneheth yaiseem lutedrop to r,s wh som it'slear w mean onas little bit mor than you making it s >> w, jhn, havedend i'tolit ad eve obeg policsnodyvery tke t me te war. no le n wve
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i ok wit hartern whos friendf nen. d w mny monhs befe, healki ah, n't k i whibou it. i din tt i he start, ac j scarborough called yeste t somethut where cally on my side, that s eay on, was bre fa it waserar ohe irviede rs at th vy binngt st t t yestrdveng anjoe foth. oki agns i waagns itery eay.anwehodn't have ben er thi it bably perps rstis we' eve. l,wn the wordeenter it iaq wth . wiout meningames,t w otpeop daypenhe rt nd o. t it was oer pe tt knockedownhe world tracenter. , noeason t g int bigthnow. as aorrtaha
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dollars, thousands o l wound rs who a ov tcende is her pair iang oerea. th wteit dad a dede'r tkit or. as shere a as iit heey a iangov, i c dev w t readtaitr.icrsehe me semk aouto riia l ci rlishri q idge faith k qned d cuise's cseveral timen cwi why is it y n okay for the no never questioned ted's -- with his't lp aible. you can't dohat.just c't th it's appre. ough hbeuse thgse sabue at wreruemao rubisa tt hive ner enolicn yo
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i esta buwh mcolyavee co b he allsaid sa tng sai idung t de ateaslyg. i sai youan' s thing whh are li a cimriiatyou jusn'doit. dot think 'sd. i' n queiong tope ol tbld rsdo y thihe y ma he hd u isoro?>>med stion mu. t, i w statefck e i' nreene aethi as rtanonp.wasop i tal ou m? c beapng, i b sitad. is w deftheelon i d po iang b ing abmeheay bor e elec th i gdysnd reiz tt h t d w
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th wwaornd tmeca gemerobl nvcehimhadoldru s sg t ne t aut bo i k it wrkedut we.i in w aose,thgh thinit wasbaera i n'k it negive t co have b a emen gati. to berobably mun't think it ws iser nic sta a i >> dickeon: we'll hao av the with us. we goownash saro. se y a m na y htoet pas do t ist stoio happer doouavtoak tt pp? >>ouavo make tt ppen.bupafheynamic toth point i dna hn thd0so low 3 hh20s mosol t0 wre vngori butheye ded up.
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contintoarw dow gng toake cleer a r: sll hehen tethe pele singdonarumpweievecan as wso it is a smallerts la i ink practically speaking it n to three p arestl tremendecfor arson i kowe's goin the racnd h isuthere basicainpend wee in michigan make th priity. today alone we'll be in three com ever eallyscoal rse anantsour fo they sh t our bsite mrcubio.c eed your hp. >> dicke: are u g toake oseoter awa f do t.whs ur aumen >>hink hreth llnk f i'ee it up cse in 201 i ran foe ste fye i'vey beenre feears but 'seen en tim to
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i'meal atimisticabouutura fe tif weomll vere a rur sty. i thkhat irtt. i runningo b psident of e it stean't jus lleoe yoreoi t americgragn, tnk edoeg ect h youe gotoot polic we toi t w t geeconitanda th ruso dailolicy. ouy na sll h time en wcaavicete ouoseaare beriesie tha oncepeegnder 's aehat we cre nott c but an it's evee plan i is gogceers not tn coalesceh m w meelseicke mreecif
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ntthllin tusng esfcu e ut tatw donce te not to beormp bee he'ster? wl, thinkong rric and stng aioare two sepa things. ne csegh wos, anyoan g overhe t say th tro yohaowxact h you' gngo t y lk s poci hsaldbot,he wod not memecatrong s vi oladirutin are ing, i think hndamentallndo he odo. ese are t that i tnk itand enou're the commander inma i chief on day one.yoik six-mont e wo d jt ss itnhe pre he beforta lenging t tohat y'ring your v fir e. is inot tck o ythi tt nure, just ryim pep orvio if youwa t pouavort tailg s sfiic licy i dhinkmthnt in
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f atheen. >>rson: you pe spic pocy o>> oer.onlth re well agre wre ino peal omacare wt b it t.oi to rlad with. agn, osesf ey. w are goiliz en resourc t o federamen education. what kind of justices w y inhe s just bec w heancy now st oner two potentiay in t nextur toeight years. virtuallermar is before isountrhat is naturaper ew of federa rnnt, have som ecitofhayore too ouanto esidupthis pnt hasn beeaugeacto bt we. leayhi tratsif weateomeob would u and abou thes they'reoi t eat luin novembe
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someone re go thataninbecause wet lose tsec cno b text. >> duen poth ctsu ve to n on ishere deeth erybody'sendhoe? >>o, i n'thso bee as ixpineder yavsever eigpe cting unk otesaf t if ye sech otpeopt's al se nohe bgi to ou havleardicati as we t this r ders tt thisng d to happe the winn ll s tha wegi he middlfwegood atteswe'r gn ito aross n delate 'r gd spe t eerking hard. >> dickeonthksoregth sor. t y. t roa tssete. saast nr mp ioh .
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l shaf thewho ntifd as angel st? now,o, ouook t fireerimaesetein wrell the mea ide dn he achcen't orwlmg vto i waig margiweeno w hhi, al e mediid aonservive d t coete in a mte new engl s won verro t pcefish ine hmpir w to rona. er mp ain dinin lead, end closi ttap tremendo a fishinwith efiveled fecond ple.and thaton, wh isone to the race ts pon t rac the fiel nar dramay andoms on one srong nservea pat tnnatavg the ct o unngti naon andeyg up f vadaciallyur tue, th w alw oan, do
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thompete and very e dicrson: you he c who can unitehe coalition but when youk ide tellvaveut y have trouble in the other areas.go solve tha >>ne of t very enuraging ings w in the ex polls youple. we wen firstlacemong younpeop in utharolna itntes bse we a woyoung pele i a w to sonmongoue ewmpsh stc trha ki of citnitpeleringget vaves andvgeca d i' tlouo we sooneagaemratswoing ynow jhn,ca hahanc t theti hav of t three states. only peoe th ha done that. ldmp a d onof thinge seeings ac t coury,
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donald trusot y to go to wi clith w prab l mchou 7 oepuans b at. in pplom therehinou cpancause wee on cmpaign th h been dal trum andthaneadold tmp. u n' bdo tru eefyou caonaldh a cande o uprt am ld ws heaoad. ado head witme qst atondumois ha wreeing, iredi le all ontrygog tru or 0,0 contritie want a stngrvative. wtomeho cantary eina sad sdon' me askoubancaer in nina, w or think that hetionrhridung thehe south
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>> treoot na andaot vongobothhe wyooint tecords, tholowsaattetheym li, liar, they atackour chac aow fro t vef this campanar y, i havetently rsp in k i't gog tmne teity,otng ath cract.inaci willppraisbo donaldp a mcobio men idmireop'm n ginto persh tt dth shoul cused sst aecd.ifout a cdideho ses oppose citizenship for the millpele hell loth onlyandapposha. y we who ainsho onmallsiesndri bk js,m onlndide inhe
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ifout cane toefen lifendarriageegisbeanseend apintrg nstutiono o 'shy conservatig nd.if twa t ctieit e ackshat's we'ld onbs thhat ndateye. dke: oatiodiall,t e me tadot inldnggshinhemaulyo ot oka ma the samoaisu la tience ofin exutheay has in the sect. >> wl, lsti haoked rehaonnheamtrthat to bui ll d ve sdynind to ilubthat io wantgtrt ornald a son
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the ep benesty,hen rcrubi joi u backmatopushes l finstttandinguldeo lderh jeessionand stkindillionsics, daltrumwas where e he w teeng suppo f amnesty just cou ogoevowf as dnaewants toe cizsh t t 12 mlion peoeillega wtsrtmet tm r bk iif youarwoing selworkerkve tdrivesyour wages, attake away yours. thin neee figr ekirou m iert. icke: wel have
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elp guide urnvtments rougod mes and err clies ieons o bki tiresen ia s. yon .iexca triretime yho s.
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senator bernoioma.i wa wthroli priha ctuy t arpp eroursouth caro l,oh i tin u umouth caro, weave jolling anyt buthink thatcanaeve sstand a goe ofinngnumber of thoseat. tha a wholot of -- neyiv poi mo agoe w p ifh natial hoseighte,mease' a nati. i thpe ahiunareg tr sse a cormpgn fie em bicst the serpan w ur incedn
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ig win feanulayhiampan aguehres>> tis asage mpgn 'rin ts wn. th seresdaor am yl major victien,s youow,now,hat arears andus tions eorti. that m it's not take all.y clto ne got degas w5 dwe nee 20 t w ata bateoc wegupericbs pa,0%aid t ll hd ghce idbgh eeriee. w ynghafe e, temberhe d thagn, hiarinn islmtunerllkn irst ly, she
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natoi am a senafromhe ryatandte ormont.not t oe k me or myears i cng, tyeayf thit buon go t wd t. i kere min pogre, we havlongo oplelsot to undeheen wearghngth a sen wasveopecial iner iwa ethehet'ru ing o eraneoe, in more kn recor do t ohn, thatustyeheeskne we actualano von dahat ah for usin dieon keky clhoveamafe rtftorate sou cin y
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testininee a rac but ger lis. angandgerpl not soll ag oeopl tite ou rhtrehaf rk tbut k w the acanan comty ust rimice,y re economidaraisg mimum we t $15 a ho. weeor le iil shahanherry on eah, a ainse at cr c it. th aseoeecfaliarh de
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y, jsewharu?, e retirevon e we reatheeith sri m rsesyoor sa arer ly arange? y. t ganize voycom.
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opll cdici,n lecoasr d std diffonmedin lete eoprcredtoth n our m s if you' t myeo b bee na urcee e ow ite people. aman wrs.ey wor products.
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ju momenkese, ke da five" ee, dato fl al mugo systn ss. tter wi x. thk for llinith shortl.. a erom hestaret ox
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>> dickersonsome e leav n moyo'litlot mofa tti"ncdihi grnhnas
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buthpr tyb useyrrru pih to them aboutwhhd irll kow'm k thicohe f te a bein h these guys have millhe i ao hepe bde tga ainst me. 'reigros he g i t, enurn oinia tom jtod lk, fnid inew ham. i think marco fifth.weteoit thp in y we her ters, we didith.thlate dcirs
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go authere ared,alell sth als,e' s stng, we've gotoos eanonng diconist u gting n buherests eninarmi ea erav dol n s st all w vt, inhuttnk w goi t wel irni elvetpesi e t t m's illrer, john aseard sandersgtional. esg d cone n anxpedidnnkgeon the stage,eridn' uloel npshi
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weag proadue w e thinaevyby staxn t, kthre in rea nbeovnond thly oft d ih t the e we o mauret we dyooatanget sst,owoyment, change the wholeay ch wnd s y aninflback gumetes re only eromesneo donald nyhanc t kck bheare, why 'ton se o, add con agn,ni secd innew
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la iholi weg o- nrtas,he wk 'rintoe. aatf cntuingn, hn abke a oots, hesolehor y mof aundisgt ie e in stru. to mkeete out theeug esoceerbe ation doin.mbs,he p aty n n y canten tho tay pl i 1oi ve rordti n whe th sen mh moe g r y gog re resul
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n at w w .sw han ro% suplicy is w aca e? otlns un pls esat hahat's t gog to changen't in il, tnkt'ecse sodhas usm fth dsn m th tri ao amic ronth f tsl nobod a radicaano m hereo bl t g i sa take pri mbewe d ty try toreat sort aigious st can co amic melting po people
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, wearoowhe roa a r, john, thankou. soe' brickrem. ffld uour h cuoman hu cod.a'our frr poent tor sts. nd pmos al u w eilar yo pget eyhe
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optohurit w t t$6 icrs p yo t&t. jesi', anonntbirnyafroyy ortlrealthat wt is yoaw f tivetlheanerimouuldlyse ok. e hge orgad com. >>keryceurvi glle,roli justo y,,wouleenwi
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iore j diern:hake of ts atsoi>>cher yni wstald umg wicy. aslmtumblalab doest ha itwrapp,uingast odk mpefari rnten hetny m gol gues i a v sro tion.
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wi dos ild p mandti theuts oit heoi t h woutand going to beallyoo fersitlou bell donp'tual-u --aneoppe w y harrcbi yte this sart ng s tas h h gog t l ts t. any cs, dtrisin oeisal do he t nightherto hllwieo sakangu
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at pe wh it. sometith f th're t en wriedboat hs,eyusthisa it.asne mn,hoo alik abld he speiop jt n'doh y moreisagrthim, yonl tione hat ptht pe who ral hnghat' hisat se th gatupoost he thie propos, ho t heasen usany dthiss a tetpetues is rea beay siquicleha you ce e, ithhiarin
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llghte boonrki othhe n intn ayon tink s gwhly des ioue s ere ack aheas t btei k sh wlli sh tutrns heinicb schi alw a
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drs: e ckh n ges shgt re cefusoy"ro brosteiheatreala ofat view a pic fw tti revw ie anvich is the oent f the "nork mes"azwa with yon,do trutedge wsh g boe at
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t p w inghtwith tedck anor ast wsohrohit?>>hi hy hside.wo't wtytt he'st b tk ti n h t lhhe ta tn nootosended to th g t nominio ofheee t thit hse >> ssa,puic rn iz ience nampoed the blue cla part and thehi clas frme he 4f thepublithout a collegen.actl nin new shan muban ced.posimong college rblican only5% aghemly 20sa wll t erobm, cru ad irr imageroblem.
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bio st lileit eryg t not domnym sws can brn efeha retrp trer's seat >> dickersan, marcrubio t's go becab pli.leavg r awhi t meta doou tnk the'sny c atub i rightbo tat >>yonce f ro i tt, y'r lkitrum, lfhem manhas rinon the the quo, otst r ngtothters over n't hapand y hted uzery prob ronedruise's evangelical . when yot rolina there'st.
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vedkeaes i peo aangelical folks goin.t tls,ooh eangelicals byucion as we ld tmp won 4% he evgecal sth carola ou cgegreedisem. on theid rubio nat crse acoeegr sis. if donaltrn hohat anythketmongllv whoigheta cruise will be over run pquickly.>> dicrs: let'lk abo thcrui wall, aumt 'sng to d raioa wliner tsdaytes. b in protracte orthnamp f m. k howoe urrewi tse
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>> teason itasn'ted fran cg ey havbeorning. ildump has n consid b a rocsyogde vruth eblen lc m flo to hi l therjusteopl e's oing t trump >>y t you're in t big winnerakerimach dontrwi% votou amen conv de asure his tion.>> tther t geinbnteef tas srt of
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morninest but i do think thatoake do.o c havoens th. tgofteim. i a the pocy specific piece, the problemhat trum pt go tori ag sp h lathe d appear t have at m there on haetailolicdpe mie' movaw froat. vy the nuerepubns wa t inceammigtile% of bls. have of thes repu candates. needo dtt j gein secicbt extl w anision chan heled tha
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utli ainyng allimtsrum e in m ebl- tucu t moc bo but ron one sic first me blue c whe icans dringcande tohe. e arn w entfoin weengnoift in. >> drson: the fo the ntup tesy gh atoeha looke. wee ocui tiny stas now it gets >>tate includs mi satch ieol we we cd o. i ho i twwes lter oes to s jh stayace
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tmp i wgio k tup daou he buacro thth. counla but r a coto g ase he repartich i a srnase'll ho cahat. dickerson: mark, usually opind a winnin pol inhin weth rng a gb a doldmp dha any ents, se do y don't. t if ds, don' k wilhelprurt i eecmao o issuoundseito enentsg l touterily in xt . n't thi traals er teasoalrump s slo pnen atopusmiler blem is c nald i aebrit >> truz,w.
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theeily engelal, heily olr onlin ethut mwe.yo cantrionrpf hsivueargelilss w hairouarolthenooking pla oklahnnes alsoiou o igilnoiso nthe voh cruz weaknvors wharo evanlica cz has lfy.i'umingubayg e cehasond ubi a be. actu lok,his y alucr carlan i rwent da.'somethi waysed eralou ratoacally u
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whethet works ts f mesat eorecallsona. t t if donald trump faces more resistthe wharty . ruo wo cgeraatf fstre rs mugh tent.aorim tha s d notant tk ugdd p mselry cna crvate suortf and trumpath t ingre towa t l that ecainndttmn icrsmawo igh ald trump?isn'heun?
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theabnt,hich poinownot t eis over d aai yes, d t ts inion. dke g dcr yrelly in hf odnneva-- d think ly she lost i nevadaate we ehough wi nilear vct rye. li reicanhe deatree ppoio presta. i as bersa stay thcontinueso get gas, g vonenf goitrati pe, prses c ich ink wasrigina agenda >>: ssag g news bnie
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whe younnew hampshire t minong pineva. atoes llorim ltinyots,en lld whpoe' wi onffd deaty eva.sanoas j mund,ar to n pmi you cat ptootou ffic nrs. srihalnger t jusonac cdida,noju y p hs nnwellhluelar itpand,peinris,oo b g ove the. icke: sacan longtick, thousotant the,chs uan't bng ytehe p t oamoati. atld bte dmaging t hiy.>> ff i w p ex oneape all i cay,ha arue th
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be there. it's a p h,as prfor sixths agoproba ye f n - nogr c t aear fm s aontmi imeaysmaonenfor e hesalso he'obably not g t win.>>ly atidote hilryinto ma beonalump. bu nveonse- hewlutisee th s w is ynant cks on t th to hil's n ry. and so the
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i notflook hiberdemocraticimarlecttodaenr o, issh rinat con wsp for b appears b e gwi therepuan oneaerth strikiwe the t>> dickewe'l to endhere thin sy aboou all. anour pane we rhtk.think hould'akenlethver.ta kwhtarz go! rzoeow gxcme donow where waterf? warf no, mef
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on car insurance, u sw ohhhh what yo hhhhdo hav do at rit ea m a fe er >>iconerday wad efctthe aork up tce ain scame,00eople aded hful p n of 1 livg e
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"e ers." toelerivman kelv ishg hae o lihaba. inweta k to gout se methth, you ,theyneveen bef kevin:incredible s olson, who ole odds to his ayg llegotte tor sre.onem
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we "ng i'ke a w hofoinsiin tfl'tys.hoh the big pls , but thatwis leeeacht' int amd 's he'in to ture ralers bas bop fromered thenfl.see l unhe 20 nftettced philttlehe tg a seventh round pick going into trni knadadof m knhat, k tn'in be, ifngto pk inthe thawed , u i ke t and the munyou s t
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ono aram ooe d foeaso ss, hed hine game, aeat th manyxperhoht wldr has hum a.ilknn the allest lefckle l footue, bunee gsng fa to de tocceng tma . ken:re age is ptsits da mom dat noju tfobaldbu lin rakelv: boy moddad, k td phen rai me. i halings, they tou're gofft." yothere ise


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